Pulp Fairy Tale

A strategic flash from the camera

A strategic flash from the camera

The other day I found this excellent Mexican comic book of d’Aulnoy’s fairy tale, “The Blue Bird,” complete with flying frogs on the cover and a rather amazing artistic interpretation of Florine, the heroine. I just love these quirky finds!

I also gave in and finally obtained my own copy of Planché’s translations of d’Aulnoy’s tales. Planché is rapidly becoming one of my favourite people. He had a great interest in costume, so his translations are sensitive to the fashions described in d’Aulnoy’s tales. He also wrote and produced fantastic fairy tale extravaganzas, often based upon d’Aulnoy’s tales. You can find many of them digitalised here. They’re quite fascinating in terms of how contemporary references have been woven through the tales.

I also love the cover of this particular edition. Who wouldn’t wish to fly about on a horse?

Gadding about

Gadding about




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