Things Happening in Australian Fairy Tale

This is, again, a bit of a cross post from the Monash Fairy Tale Salon website, but since I wrote the original, I think that’s allowed!

The great news is that there’s a bit of buzz developing around Australian fairy tale!! I wrote an article a couple of years ago for Marvels & Tales, hoping to see much more work done, because there’s no way that one article covered everything! Although I did enjoy having an opportunity to write about Shaun Tan’s work, which is amazing. Have you read his new book?


I picked my copy up from The Little Bookroom and it came with its own bag!

Okay, down to details!

The Griffith Review is releasing its special issue, Once Upon a Time in Oz. I’m happy to be involved in the launch on November 7. There’s details on the Monash website here. (I’m trying to decide whether to go with red or silver shoes…) Those interested are welcome to RSVP (link on website).

In other great news, two of the salon’s great friends, Reilly McCarron and Jo Henwood, are co-founding the Australian Fairy Tale Society! I’m so excited about this. There will a conference next year and you can find more details at the salon’s blog.


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