Quick Note – Australian Fairy Tale Society

I admit it, right now I’m suffering a little case of writer’s block. I have two pieces of writing sitting up on my desktop and each time I look at them, I decide to make a cup of tea. This is even when there is a perfectly good, hot cup of tea in front of me.

So I thought I’d take this opportunity to write a quick blog post (because oddly, I really only ever get writer’s block when it’s something academic) to let you know about the fundraising being conducted by the Australian Fairy Tale Society. You can see their fundraising site here and hopefully you’ll be able to support them. They have some great rewards. Here’s a quick quote from the site:

We don’t just want your money! We hope to gather a rich and diverse collection of fairy tale folklore to preserve in a public archive. Did the fairy tales you grew up with differ from Disney’s? We want to hear about them. Does Grandma tell a bawdy version of Little Red Riding Hood? Record her (with permission of course) and send it in. Has someone in the family knitted a Cinderella doll for the kids? Take a photo – we want to share it.

As well as collecting folklore, our new national website will promote current events, share fairy tale news, inspire new works, and encourage a strong network of fairy tale lovers.

Okay, I think it’s time to go and make another cup of tea now…


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